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Hear Chris Cornell’s Previously Unreleased ‘When Bad Does Good,’ From Forthcoming Box Set

On November 16, Universal will issue a limited-edition 64-track box set containing songs from across Chris Cornell’s nearly 30-year career, 11 of them unreleased. Also available as a 17-track single album, “Chris Cornell” is the first release since the singer’s death in 2017, and according to the announcement will be “released by Cornell’s wife, Vicky Cornell on behalf of The Chris Cornell Estate through Ume,” Universal’s catalog division.

Vicky Cornell worked extensively with the singer’s bandmates and friends to compile a collection of material from his career, including material from his three bands — Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave — as well as songs from his solo career. a 32-page booklet with many unreleased photos, and liner notes from bandmates and colleagues Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Tom Morello, Mike McCready, and Brendan O’Brien. She also worked with Cornell’s longtime associate, producer Brendan O’Brien, as well as his friend and Temple of the Dog bandmate, Pearl Jam cofounder Jeff Ament, who created the packaging for “Chris Cornell.” O’Brien and Cornell’s bandmates Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Tom Morello and Mike McCready contributed liner notes.
The first unreleased track, “When Bad Does Good,” was produced, recorded, and mixed by Cornell and was found in his personal recordings archive. The track was a favorite of his and it wasn’t until friend Josh Brolin, reminded Vicky of the unreleased song, that she decided to share it with his fans.

“Since Chris’ sudden passing I have put all my efforts and energy into sharing his music and legacy with his fans from all over the world,” says Vicky. “I felt we needed to create a special collection to represent all of him – the friend, husband and father, the risk taker and innovator, the poet and artist. His soaring vocals found their way into the hearts and souls of so many. His voice was his vision and his words were his peace. This album is for his fans.”

The single collection incorporates Cornell’s beforehand unreleased front of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2U.” The container set’s ten unreleased live exhibitions incorporate Cornell’s two part harmony with Yusuf/Cat Stevens on “Wild World” and another two part harmony with his girl, Toni Cornell, on Bob Marley’s permanent great, “Recovery Song.” Temple of the Dog’s 25th commemoration gathering/first-historically speaking authority visit in 2016 is featured with main residence exhibitions of “Reach Down” and the Andy Wood/Mother Love Bone top choice “Stargazer,” Chris’ own game plan of “One” highlighting the verses to Metallica’s melody set to the music of U2’s tune of same name, and a first since forever collection arrival of Audioslave’s 2005 momentous execution on Cuban soil of “Demonstrate to Me Generally accepted methods To Live.” Also in 2016, one of Chris’ own vocation topping minutes was performing at the esteemed Royal Albert Hall in London where he secured The Beatles’ “A Day In The Life.” Three extra live determinations from Sweden in 2006 incorporate “Wide Awake,” “Throughout the Night Thing” and Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” are from the plain first show ever where Chris performed without anyone else’s input with an acoustic guitar before a group of people which turned into the inventive start for his future “Songbook” visits. Two unreleased music recordings spotlight a performance acoustic execution of “Shout” and the recently altered Soundgarden video “Live To Rise,” exhibiting the band without “The Avengers” motion picture film included.

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