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I need to escape from fame, says Bodyguard star

Guardian performer Richard Madden is intending to abandon the big name life and move to a calm cabin in Scotland – demanding he needs to “escape” from notoriety. His job as damaged ex-squaddie Sgt David Budd has presented to him a considerable measure of consideration.

Be that as it may, numerous individuals’ pick to be the following James Bond concedes he loathes the spotlight nor his sex image status.

The star is chasing for a disconnected escape, close to his folks’ home on the west drift, trying to remain as private as could be expected under the circumstances.

The 32-year-old stated: “My point is to purchase a little place on the west drift to get away. It’s so ravishing. I am additionally my most joyful up there.”

In the wake of playing killed “Lord in the North” Robb Stark in Game Of Thrones, Madden developed a large group of venerating fans – a considerable lot of them ladies.

He at that point won numerous more supporters after his hot scenes with Keeley Hawes in the hit BBC show.

What’s more, jobs as Prince Charming in huge spending plan fi lm Cinderella and in an awkward TV adjustment of Lady Chatterley’s Lover additionally did little to hose his notoriety for being a fan top pick.

Be that as it may, Madden needs to lose the heartthrob tag and be respected for his acting.

He stated: “I stress over it influencing my activity. On the off chance that individuals go, ‘Gracious, you know, he’s that hunky thing’, that undermines that really I am a performing artist.”

Rankle is dating 21-year-early English performing artist Ellie Bamber, following a prominent association with Victoria and Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman, 32.

Fans can next consider him to be music symbol Elton John’s previous darling and chief John Reid, in the eagerly awaited melodic film Rocketman.

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