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Nikki Bella Admits She No Longer Talks To John Cena: ‘He’s Doing Him & I’m Doing Me’

Nikki Bella and John Cena separated and got back together a couple of times toward the start of 2018, however their split toward the finish of July is by all accounts the finish of their sentiment for good. “he’s doing him and I’m doing me,” Nikki affirmed to Entertainment Tonight at the iHeartRadio Music Festival throughout the end of the week. She additionally conceded that she and John “have not talked as of late,” and that she’s setting aside opportunity to center around herself. “I gradually feel like I’m doing that,” she clarified. “I believe it’s joy, and just completely being cheerful — that is the thing that I need.”

In another ongoing meeting, Nikki conceded that her dating life has been “exhausting,” yet she elucidated that announcement in her talk with ET. “I made a joke about dating, Netflix and dark licorice, and how it gets exhausting, and it transformed into the subject of where I got cited saying dating life is exhausting,” she said. “I resembled… no, I said Netflix and dark licorice [was boring.] It’s not what individuals expect, but rather I must concede, I am single, yet I’m not prepared for blending at this time.”

Nikki and John previously began having relationship inconvenience toward the start of 2018, and discreetly canceled their wedding (this broadcast on Total Bellas the previous spring). Be that as it may, they in the long run got back together when John concurred he would switch his vasectomy and have a kid with Nikki. Nikki even went the extent that praising her single woman party in Paris before understanding that she didn’t feel things were very right in the relationship. They freely split in April, soon after the one-year commemoration of their commitment, and affirmed that their wedding, planned for May 5, was off.

In any case, after that separation, Nikki and John were as yet spotted out together time and again, and they both indicated that it probably won’t be over for good. Before the finish of July, however, Nikki authoritatively pulled the fitting, and the two have been living separate lives from that point onward.

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